Yoga Articles Published


Yoga journey

Teaching Yoga: A Unique Formula for Success From Francesca Cervero

Yoga: Why Do Many Embrace It?

“No Pain, No Pain” I Say

Yoga & Feedback: When Being Me Isn’t Enough

Yoga as the Science of Love

Yoga as the Art of Awareness

Yoga is Big Enough for All of Us

Meditation for the Season: Breaths of Gratitude

No-Slide Yoga Mat

Richard Karpel, President of YA Speaks: Creating Radical Transparency

Morning Asana at The Yoga Alliance Business of Yoga Conference

Teaching Yoga May Be Better Than Doing Yoga

I Do What I love

Meditation to Find Your Way from Here to Now

Can You Be Friends with Your Students?

Go the the Edge…and Soften

Namaste, I Say

Meditation to Calm a Tired Heart

Belonging: Yoga shapes it, Writing Informs it

Asana Essentials

When the Right Track Side-Tracks

Interview with Swamiji: Yoga Adept in Colorado

7 Tips for Teaching Mixed Levels

Canyon Ranch: The Power of Possibility [Review]

Accepting How We Are: An Interview with Cyndi Lee

Awakening Shakti: An Interview with Sally Kempton

Yoga Helps in 3 Ways: On & Off the Mat

Tara Brach & True Refuge: Her Story, Her Truths

Teaching Yoga: Staying True

When I Don’t Matter

Awe & Angst: (Or Why I Am Toasted)

Tara Brach on Releasing the Grip of Fear

Ram Dass Said It Best: Be Here Now

Yoga = Practice & Tantra = Y oga: An Interview with Ramesh Bjonnes

Water & Fire: Yoga & Poetry

An Interview: Meet Jill Hope Johnson, Bringing Laughter to Yoga Town

What Teaching Teaches: What I’ve Learned as a Yoga Instructor


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