Poems Published



When Love Lies


A Love Poem for My New Friend

Love Always Remembers

You Light Me On Fire

Promise in a Dream: A Love Poem

When Fairytales Imitate LifeT

rusting the Seed I Know: Love

Hint of Spring: Rose Petal & Bee

Winter Buds

A Game of Dice

I Want to Sparkle at Dawn & Share Now

The Forever Embrace

Life’s Promise Flows With Grace: Welcome 2014

Memory Is a Riddle I  Cannot Crack

Winter Buds

Remembering Hope, Folding Thanks

The Moon In My Heart, Spirit Rises

A Game of Dice

Sadness Comes and Washes Me

I Dream Of The LIght That Holds Us All

Harvest Moon

Fires Burning in Night Sky

Dwindling LIght

Staying Alive

I Think I Would Stop My Heart If I Could

Truth Lands In My Hands

Change Is The Blossom

The Blessing Remains

My Heart Is In a Million Little Pieces

How Many Ways Can a Heart Break?

A Single Thread

As I Break Into Blossom

Hope Took A Hike

The Mask Where Freedom Hides

Spirit Is Matter, Matter Is Spirit


When Anguish Reaches

My Day With the Dali Lama

Say Yes to Yes

How Do We  Package What We Cannot Name?

Where Is God? A Poem by Mark Nepo

Love Asks for Everything

On Teaching

My Heart Seeps

Now’s Gift

I Want Miracle to Grow from my Fingertips

What Used To Be


It’s Your Light That Carries Me


A Rant

Until I Know What I Don’t

Learning to Fly

Beating the Moment

A Love Poem for Michael

Hope Carries Me

“I Learn By Going Where I Have To Go” A video

Why Give?

December 14th, Beyond Memory in 2012

Believing Its More Than Faith

Attitude of Gratitude

The Tiger Paces

A Wisp

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