My Yoga Biography


I have been teaching full time since 2005.  As a yoga teacher, I have the honor of giving those interested tools to help them find balance and healing by using their body, opening their heart, quieting their mind and moving through emotions. I am an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher [E-RYT 200] at the 200 hour level with the Yoga Alliance. I am also a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher [CRYT] with the Yoga Alliance. I am not keeping my Anusara Inspired [TM] status as a  teacher, though it is part of the foundation that informs how I teach.

I find the principles of alignment solid. However, for a long time I have felt it is not for me to make a student do anything. I provide options and suggestions. I share what I know. I tell my students everything is optional. I know what works for me. But what works for me may not work for the next  person. Douglas Brooks talks about deference. I believe in deferring to the student’s wisdom of their own body. I try to broaden awareness, teach students how to use the body skillfully, yet I also want to learn from my students and honor their experience, their body, their moment in their practice. I share myself and my understanding of yoga as I teach asana.

I took the Samayama training two times at Fit Physique in Washington, DC, which was a great starting point. Through that training, I was led to the Willow Street Yoga Center. At Willow Street Yoga Center, I took the 3-month Immersion with Kate Miller in 2005. Then I took the first module of the then 9-month Immersion [which was 3-weekends] in 2006. In 2007 I took the full 9-month Immersion, which was then taught by Kate MillerMoses Brown and a variety of guest teachers; that led me to the Yoga Teacher Training, another 9-month program, which I finished in 2008.

I have been blessed with many great teachers, from Douglas Brooks to Kate and Moses to Sally Kempton, and many, many more, including  Jenny OttoKelly Fisher and Lucy Lomax. However, Suzie Hurley, who founded Willow Street Yoga Center, informs my teaching and inspires me to do my best every time I step into the seat of the teacher. Her ability to be at ease with herself; her willingness to share and give of herself; and the way she moves between the two roles of student and teacher have guided me as both student and teacher. For me, Suzie is a source of love, wisdom and comfort.

I was Program Coordinator for Clifton Enrichments, a mobile enrichment program where we bring yoga to children in both public and private schools for 3 years. My boss, Sandi Weinberg is the  owner and gave me all the mentoring and support I needed to begin my own program.  Never before have I worked for anyone anywhere where I don’t have to ask for more.

And more than all, I’d say what the dharma of yoga has given me is a community of friends, and the knowing that all that really matters is love. Health and wealth without it are empty and dry. Life is about sharing. And yoga is about the conversation.



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