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Currently I write for elephant journalI am also doing an apprenticeship with them where I edit and post articles almost daily.

My recent articles are below, the most recent is first:

This is What we Get when We Soften Our Boundaries

Schizophrenia: What it Means [Video]

Passion is What Living is all About

How Making Love Matters & Sex is Easy

Walking the Line: Why Boundaries Matter

Born to Fall In Love

It All Matters: Gate’s Foundations Makes a Difference

My Virtual Lover: Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Falling in Love: Tender as a Newborn

Learning to Live Beyond Addiction

We Learn by Loving How to Love

What’s Love Need: When Does it Want?

Growing Old: It Ain’t Easy

Internet Dating: Getting Back Into the Game

Love & Marriage: When to Let Go & What to Never Let Go

If I could Say Anything: What would I say?

Legacy: What will We Leave Behind?

Voice in the Head

It’s all Relative

Looking for Meaning

Living in Limbo: Neither Single nor Married

Letting Go of Sad for Love, Joy & Gratitude

The Freedom to Choose

When Cows Fly

I don’t Have Enough & I have More than Enough

My Life is My Prayer

Today She Only Wants to Give Love

Today Dreaming Feeds my Grieving Soul

Progress Not Perfection: Looking Back & Moving Forward

Walk with Me

I Believe in the Spirit of Santa

10 Ways to Keep Going No Matter What

Ask the Body

UnReal Problems

Allowing is the Seed from which we All Grow

Choice: When there is Only One, Dealing with Divorce

Recipe for Healing

In My World Spirit Leads

Extroverts Struggle too

Not Everyone Has What it Takes to be a Nerd

Thankful & Alone

The Gift that Keeps Giving

Anything is Possible

My Muse is my Prayer

Notes on Comparing: We all Do It.

In the Flow of Change

You Can Heal, Miracles Happen

Don’t Sweat The Details

What I Find When Failure Finds Me

Words: Finding Feeling on a Horizon

Navigating Life’s Joys & Sorrows: An Interview with Buddhist Author Toni Bernhard

All We Have Is All We Are

When Marriage Ends, What Begins?

I Want to Love Again

Meditation To Open The Heart Of Confidence

Giving Gives More Than It Takes, Always

Meditation for Breaking Hearts

Where I Lost Meaning

When to Say What, When

Change Is the Only Thing I Can Count On

A Heart Cracked Open

Meet Tami Simon, Publisher of Sounds True

Meditation to Help Your Dreams Come True

My Dancing Muse

Striking the Unstruck Sound: Finding My Heart Chakra

What Are You Willing To Die For?

No One Knows You Like Your Mom

Faith Lives Beyond Life

Surrender: Don’t Give Up

Why I Like Television

Where Is God? A Poem by Mark Nepo

Welcome All

Love Asks for Everything

When Caring Hurts

The Self Acceptance Project: A Review

How Do We Hit Those Curve Balls?

Ryan Giggs: World Famous Football Player

When Life Makes a Mess

South Dakota Law Approves Armed Sentinels in Schools

Meltdown Residue

Sequestration & A Man with Foresight: Peter G. Peterson

I Can Live in Worry & Lack or I Can Live in What I Have Now.

Listening To My Heart When It Does Not Hear

Medical Marijuana: Let It Be

Kumbh Mela: The Largest Religious Gathering on the Planet, Ever

Accepting Who We Are: An Interview with Cyndi Lee

What’s Valentine’s Day Without Our Friends?

Awakening Shakti: An Interview With Sally Kempton

Life Dreams: What Are They?

Until I Know What I Don’t

Yoga Helps Me in 3 Ways: On & Off the Mat

Dreaming Freedom Before I Forget What I Want

When You Cannot See the Window: Find a Door

A Myth in the Making

Learning to Love: Why It’s So Hard

What Can We Do When Acceptance Isn’t Easy

Teaching Yoga: Staying True

Beating the Moment

Tara Brach & True Refuge: Her Story, Her Truths

Happiness Needs No Reason

Sparking the Spark: or Self-Help

My Heart Song Of Higher Truth

What Can’t Go Wrong

When I Don’t Need to Let Go of Fear Again

Hope Carries Me

When I Don’t Matter

My Muse: The Gift That Keeps Giving

To Know Who I Am Helps Me to Know Who You Are

Managing The Money I Don’t Have

“I Learn By Going Where I Have to Go'”

3 Simple Rules to Ride Fear Like a Dragon

Gandalf & Miracles: We All Need a Miracle

When Grief Grips

When Good Neighbors Don’t Need Fences

Let’s Talk Solutions, Not Resolutions

Time & Its Meaning

Writing Demands Passion

Bullying: A Woman with a Way to Help. {An Interview}

Copulation: Fashion or Passion?

Voice in the Season

Why Give?

Don’t Worry When You Can Rock This Holiday [Video]

Break Out For a Moment: Watch This & Smile [Video]

I Miss My Mom

There Is No 12-Step Program for Coffee

Four Furry Children

December 14h, Beyond Memory in 2012

Awe & Angst (Or Why I Am Toasted?)

Believing It’s More Than Faith

Tara Brach on Releasing the Grip of Fear

Attitude of Gratitude

Ram Dass Said It Best: Be Here Now

Meet Jill Hope Johnson: Bringing Laughter to Yoga Town

The Tiger Paces

Yoga=Practice & Tantra=Yoga: An Interview with Ramesh Bjonnes

A Wisp

All I Want

Insanity’s Mirror: Through the Looking Glass

Rejecting Rejection: Healing Hurts

Navel Hazing: On Looking Inside

Water & Fire: Yoga & Poetry

When Left is Right

What Teaching Teaches: What I’ve Learned as a Yoga Instructor

Healing & Wholeness: A Narrative

Square Wholes,  Round Pegs: What’s the Difference?

We All Have a Mental Health Condition

When Marriage Works

  1. Genna Hegerich

    Wow, inspiring! Congratulations!

  2. I’m inspired by the magnitude of articles, Edie. I have some good reading to do. It’s wonderful that you’re actually a constant contributor. I didn’t know when I shared your recent article. I appreciate this great list and admire the woman writes for a site I find inspiring and creative while still keeping her yoga teaching going..
    Best to you,

  3. “I want to love again” is a magnificent way to put in words what I’m expereincing right now, than you for that. Greetings from México.

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