Yoga for Children


I have started my own enrichment program with Yoga, Yoga, Yoga, to bring classes in Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney and Fredrick to children and teens in the schools. I can also offer classes in greater Montgomery County as well.

I no longer work as a program coordinator for Clifton Enrichmentshowever if you are interested in contacting that program I will gladly put you in touch and/or if you want yoga in  your schools in Virginia.. Clifton Enrichments also offers a tennis program for all ages as well as a media program. I know Sandi Weinberg, owner and director, would be happy to speak with anyone who is interested.



Yoga, Yoga, Yoga, offers yoga to children of all ages, from 2 to 18, in the schools. It is a mobile enrichment program, which means we take classes into the schoolroom where the students are. 


I will mentor those who want to teach children .Contact me if you are interested in learning.

The Yoga Alliance now has a registry for children’s teachers. I am also a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, with the Alliance. While I think it is a good thing to have this registry, I also believe that a qualified children’s teacher does not have to be trained to teach adults, which the Alliance requires.


So what do we do with our students? We use games, stories and songs as a platform to teach confidence, build self-esteem and teach the children how to cooperate with each other and act with respect. Yoga for children, like adults, is not just about the pose. Yoga is the metaphor through which we learn how to love self and others. Unlike adults though, there is not much focus on form in the poses. The focus, in my classes, is fun. I want every child to have a positive experience and walk away from class holding their head a little higher, opening their heart with less fear, and with tools to help her/him process the challenges that come her/his way.


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