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Edie in skirt

Welcome to my site and blog.

Grow your asana, feed your heart, lift your spirit, blossom.

I teach to server others and share the joy yoga brings me. Yoga continues to teach me how to create balance by deepening the awareness of how I am. Teaching is a practice. My goal is to show you how to use your body skillfully in asana and then take that alignment as a mirror to align mind and heart, body and spirit.

I have been teaching vinayasa since 2004 and practicing since 1997. The spirit of grace in the Anusara school inspired me yet I love to move and flow when I practice and teach. I began with Sivananda yoga and my teacher Ruby Blue, a then over 70 year old fire ball of a teacher with a heart that held every student. I continue to admire Suzie Hurley and look to her as a guide and role model. My specialty is in therapeutics and special needs. I teach all ages, toddlers to seniors, around the Washington, DC and Baltimore. Click on classes. I teach vinyasa, hatha, therapeutics, gentle yoga, and family and kids.

For my personal yoga history read my yoga biography and training background. If you have any questions or comments, there’s lots of room here and/or you can send me a message directly: edieyoga@gmail.com.

To learn more about  yoga read my articles, blog entries and check out the articles and poems.

Most of all, have fun!

  1. Where did you meat Douglas Brooks?

  2. I really appreciate your lovely writing and poetry! It is often used in my classes
    with gratitude-
    wishing you a peaceful holiday season

  3. Thank you for posting such great content. I really appreciate it.I love reading this type of content and your site definitely was not boring.

  4. I’m so pleased that I discovered your blog, it’s wonderful! And I so appreciate your poetry.

  5. i do practice yoga & pranayama; hence your views match mine.thanks!

  6. I am also fond of poems.looking forward to beautiful poetry.

  7. I am interested in your classes. I am really out of shape! I’m 82 and need help. I live in Montgomery Village so I’m not far from you. Do you have day time classes? I don’t drive at night. What do you charge? Nora Bell 301-977-6495

    • I can call tomorrow night…in training all weekend…are you up past 8?
      I don’t teach daytime except a 4:30 class in Olney that would work. Be in touch.

  8. I loved your article about not sweating the details. That’s what I try to do everyday but its hard when we are growing. A question came to me when I read the article so will you meditate on it before answering it but only inwards for you. Do you truly love and accept you for you and others for who they truly are or do wish you and them were different?
    Peace be to you

  9. I am a big believer in love. I read your article in Elephant Journal and I’m curious, you said that love is the creator because you know someone who went to the other side and told you. What is “the other side” and who told you? thank you so much for taking the time to respond. have a lovely day.

  10. I just read your latest post on elephant journal-how wonderful!….I have also softened up my boundaries, becoming more porous and open to whatever comes, (a lot of Pema Chodron helped me there).I salute your going up smoking (I am an oncology nurse, enough said)…..I gave up alcohol, meat, depression amongst other things a couple of years ago, in addition to resuming a yoga practice after a 40 year hiatus, and feel wonderful.

    best of everything on your journey forward…..


  11. edie I loved your post on Elephant Journal, it was just like I was reading my own desires yet you are a much better writer than I am! I was wondering if you would mind me posting your poem ‘i want it all’ on my blog and of course quoting it as yours and a link to your blog as well? Would you mind? you can email me if you would like cdgockel32@Gmail.com (blog was JUST created and not running YET)! Blessings my dear and thank you for sharing your fiery soul.

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